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The Fulcio Miari Fulcis bed and breakfast can be found in the Belluno Valley in a splendid position between the Belluno Dolomites and the Venetian foothills. It is situated on a small hill from which it dominates the beautiful surrounding countryside of maize cultivation and green, fertile meadows interspersed with deciduous and pine woods offering tranquillity but also the convenience of the town which is only 3 km. from the farm.
The farm cultivates mainly maize but there is also a small apple orchard which a tasty, local variety of apple, particularly suitable for jam making. The bed and breakfast, open all year, offers hospitality in comfortable bedrooms (16 beds) with breakfast provided.
There is also a sauna and lounge with colour TV. It is situated in an old farmhouse built at the end of the 18th century and recently restored, thus uniting modern comfort with the fascination of an old farm. Saddle horses are also bred on the farm and guests can have the opportunity of trying various equestrian sports    using the equipment and facilities of the farm stable or riding in the nearby countryside accompanied by local guides to discover the wild and uncontaminated natural surroundings. The farm stable also offers accommodation to visiting horses that can also be left in the pasture where there is a shelter.
In summer the area is ideal for numerous sporting activities such as mountain biking following various routes leading from the farm to the Nevegal Alps interno1.jpg (34119 byte)and even to the top of Col Visentin which, at 1760m. dominates all the Belluno Valley and the Venetian plain to the south and where, on a clear day, it is possible to see the Laguna with the bell tower of St. Marks. To the north is the majestic sight of some of the most famous Dolomites.
camera.jpg (28402 byte) The same paths can of course be enjoyed for relaxing walks. Fulcio, an expert Alpine Guide, would be pleased to accompany the more energetic guests through the Schiara mountain group following paths and routes with fixed ropes.
In the area there are several small but significant structures where it is possible to train in rock-climbing whilst a few kilometres away, above the famous Vajont Dam, in Erto, there is one of the temples of Italian free-climbing where there are climbs ranging from the most simple to sheer rock faces. For those who prefer more relaxing activities, the Nevegal Alps are only 5 km. away and can easily be reached by car. Here, many indicated footpaths lead to welcoming mountain huts or dairies where it is possible to buy local cheese. For enthusiasts of water sports the windy Santa Croce Lake, 10 km. from the farm, is particularly suitable for wind surfing.
Even in winter there is much to offer for sports enthusiasts. The Nevegal Alps provide over 40 km. of ski slopes, partly equipped for artificial snow and a splendid cross-country ring. Fulcio, the owner of the Stay-In Farm, also a ski instructor, is pleased to accompany guests on the slopes or in Alpine Skiing activities. He is also available for courses and lessons for adults and children. In about an hour it is also possible to reach the most famous and beautiful skiing areas of the Dolomites such as Cortina d'Ampezzo and Arabba.
In any season the historical centre of Belluno is well worth a visit. Its squares and palaces reflect the influence of the Venetian Republic, and its churches and bell towers are in Roman, Gothic and Baroque styles (the bell tower of the Duomo, a work of Juvara, is rightly considered one of the most beautiful Baroque Monuments of Italy).
We remind art enthusiasts that Belluno is only one hour from Venice, one hour from Asolo and half an hour from Feltre, a small but interesting medieval centre. Austria can be reached in two hours.
Naturally Belluno offers all the entertainment and meeting places that young people enjoy. There are many places where it is possible to taste the typical cuisine of Belluno. Simplicity, genuine products and taste are the characteristics of the vegetable and bean soups, of the stews and grilled meat, of the "schiz" cheese with "polenta", of the "luganeghe", or the mushrooms and of the ricotta or fruit tarts.

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